The Gamification of Romance?

Interactive sexual fantasy design for VR. (Some links show adult material)

Got my usual trend alert newsletter from Shaping Tomorrow this week.  This time it mentions  interactive design and how virtual reality (VR) will change the way we do things. So I looked up some of the links in the newsletter and was fascinated to see how creativity and innovation  is predicted to change – particularly in relation to interactive design – and this got me thinking – specifically in terms of VR. I have been doing research on robots/VR/tech/sex/attachment for quite some years now and thinking seriously on how to create VR engagement which does not necessarily follow the usual pornographic or erotica route, but looks at relationship forming and how an individuals’ psychological love map is developed and mediated in some way as an interactive narrative.

Part of the trend alert suggests that various new concepts of  ‘jobs’ will come into creation and many old ones will disappear – so it is time to diversify. So, on top of being a lecturer, researcher and artist I could think of myself as an interactive sex fantasy designer or a gamifier of romance…. watch this space…


one of my old illustrations way back in 1991…Cyberdom 


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