BLOG 1 – thinking about a history of VR Sex…

Looking at all the VR that’s available now, and remembering the early 1990s – the cost of VR kit at the time, the SIZE of the kit then and the HYPE and disappointment of the content… but VR, a new tech combined with sex/sexuality? – why should they even go together?  There were magazines like ‘Future Sex’* , there were early CD ROM games like Virtual Valerie* ( a sort of kinky Tron game), and there were classic attempts at physical connections over very early Internet links with some  very inventive and creative individuals and teams – such as  CyberSM… oh… yes and there was a little something that myself and a super team at a media tech company called Virtual S made back in 1992….


But before I describe my work in any detail – in order to look at the context of the technology at the time I suggest you watch this documentary from BBCs Horizon – about early VR..

Horizon – Colonizing Cyberspace

*Please be aware that some of the content of this Blog may be for over 18s only.



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